Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect SkyIPTV box to internet?

For Ether net, use the internet cable we provide, connect lan port of wifi router to the lan port in our SkyIPTV box.
For wifi, go to setting, find your wifi, type in password. Click connect.

Requirements for internet to install SkyIPTV?

Internet provider: China Unicom,Telecom 10MB and above
Speed: Fast enough to watch Youtube 1080P video
VPN: not needed.

How to know your internet provider's name?

Open a browser, go to baidu.com, typin “IP”in search bar, and press OK.
China Unicom = CU
China Telecom = CT

How long an internet cable you would need and where to buy?

Check the distance between wifi router, and share with us the length of internet cable you would need. SKY IPTV provide 1-20 meters internet cable for free. If you need longer one, please contact our sales for price.

Can I use SKY IPTV abroad or only in China?

SKY IPTV service is available anywhere on this planet with good internet connection.

Can I share your information among our friends?

Absolutely. We have one referral plan to reward our happy customers who bring us new business.

Can I get bonus if refer your service to a friend

Yes, pls check our referral plan:

One new customer for one quarter, RMB50 coupon code. You can use it for renewal or buy our other TV services.
One new customer for half year, we provide one month free usage of our TV service.
One new customer for one year, we provide one quarter(Three months) free usage of our TV service.