SKY IPTV is a Beijing and Shanghai based IPTV provider.

We used to serve foreigners with the most stable IPTV service in China for the past 8 years, we did our service offline without any advertising. We've served over 2000 satisfied customers especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc.

Our IPTV service does not need a big received installed on the outsider of building walls, we just need a cable connection which beats all the competitors with old school.

Nowadays with the rapid development of internet bandwidth, higher resolution, we are able to offer a set-top-box with our own APK, and also we provide the .apk file separately, you can purchase our premium set-top-box which has a quad core, 4GB memory, 32GB storage or install the our app on your own device.

For any of our customers we provide 7 days free trial, you can decide after the trial.

For after sales service, we offer remote assistance for any software issues and free replacement if the hardware goes wrong. Customers only need to send back the old one after the delivery of the new one.

3500 Worldwide TV channels.

20+ Locations of servers.

2000+ Customers

What we do


We Keeps You Update with World’s Most Recent Lifestyles

With our IPTV set top box, you can watch thousands of TV channels cover most of World’s Countries, and you will always on the same pace with your friends all over the world.



TV watching Made Easy Now!

With a simple internet connection, we offer thousands of TV channels selection, all with a simple remote.

Why Choose Us?

Our Team

JOHN LIU Co-founder & CEO

As CEO of SKY IPTV, John is driving the company`s vision of helping customers watch Live TV programs over internet…


William leads SKY IPTV's technology team. He uses data and technology to help brands reach their ideal consumer. Pragmatically pairing…

Athen Ai COO

As Chief Operating Officer, Athen creates operational excellence by aligning our people, processes and technology to create product innovation and…

LUCY LEE Customer Service Manager

Lucy leads SKY IPTV’s Customer Operations team that support millions of foreigners worldwide. Prior to this role, Lucy spent eight…